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  Hyundai Blue2 Car
Hyundai Blue2 Car

Hyundai is attempting to acheive early leadership of the fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) market with the release of it's Blue2 hydrogen fuel cell saloon car - one of the world’s first mainstream hydrogen cars.

Hyundai has been testing hydrogen fuel cell cars for more than a decade, starting with the Santa Fe FCEV in 2000, and has aquired considerable expertise in the field of hydrogen fuel cells.

The Blue2 is powered by a fuel-cell electric motor which produces 121bhp and should provide the equivalent of around 100mpg.

As the Blue2 is powered by electricity created from the chemical reaction of hydrogen coming into contact with oxygen in its fuel cell, the only emission it will produce is water.

The Blue2 is a fast, luxury car packed with gadgets and pitched to compete with the likes of BMW and Mercedes.

Hyundai is committed to fuel cell technology development, believing that alternative methods, such as Electric Vehicles and hybrids and improved traditional combustion engines, are interim solutions until fuel cell technology becomes a reality.

Hyundai has just signed a deal aimed at testing hydrogen vehicle infrastructure in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland – which are all workling towards the widespread supply of hydrogen. Britain currently has ten operational hydrogen refuelling stations across the country with more being commissioned. Hydrogen buses already operate in London and black cabs are being trialled.


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