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  How is Hydrogen Fuel Produced
How is Hydrogen Fuel Produced?

There are a number of challenges to be overcome before hydrogen gas is common place as a fuel.
Hydrogen fuel is used to generate electricity, but conversely, electricity is required to generate the hydrogen fuel. Electrolysis uses electricity to break water into hydrogen and oxygen, with the two gases forming at opposite electrodes. Electricity is also required to power the compression of the hydrogen and the refrigeration to chill it to less than -200 degrees. However, this initial requirement of electricity could be generated sustainably through windpower, biomass, tidal, hydropower, or even nuclear.
Hydrogen can also be generated by extracting it from natural gas, but this process generates carbon dioxide and negates the main motivation for moving to hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles: ending dependence on fossil fuels
A further exciting alternative technology at an early stage in development is Solar Powered Hydrogen Generation utilising water-splitting solar panels.


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